Daudzai Foundation

The Daudzai Foundation was established under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and with the initiative of its founding partners. This foundation is independent and not affiliated with any political movement or the government. The office of the Daudzai Foundation is located in Khushal khan, Kabul behind the Ghulam Muhammad Ghubar High school. The foundation has active offices in many provinces across Afghanistan.




Women Empowerment

Women empowerment we at the Daudzai foundation believe that the empowerment of women will contribute immensely to the political and economic development of Afghanistan.
To this end, we promote initiatives that increase the role of women in Afghan society. Specifically, we promote programs in coordination with the Afghan civil society that promote the role of women in both the government and the private sector.
we also carry out media campaigns that encourage women and their families to encourage the participation of women in the Afghan society.  






The Daudzai Foundation believes that education is the most significant factor effecting the future development of Afghanistan. Specifically, we believe that vocational education holds the key to the short-term human resource issues that Afghanistan is facing.
To this end, the Daudzai Foundation has donated hundreds of computer to vocational courses across Afghanistan by providing hundreds of thousands of US dollars in Capital for the formation of afghan University and Kalam University in Kabul Afghanistan.








The Daudzai Foundation holds transparency as the most important aspect of a successful and beneficial foundation. To this end, the Daudzai Foundation is working on establishing a comprehensive website where donors will be able to track their donations to the details. Our donors will be able to view the balance sheets, cash flow statements and other forms of accounts along with a personal statement that details the way the donations of our donors are spent. 
To add to that , our staff will gladly respond to any queries related to expenditures via telephone, social media, or email.






Emergency Services: The Daudzai Foundation has formed a task force of volunteers who are ready at any time to provide emergency services in case of unpredictable events such as terrorist attacks, earthquakes,  floods, or landslides. Our task force includes doctors, engineers and other forms of volunteers that can provide immediate relief to victims that are affected by disaster. The Daudzai Foundation also aims to implement programs that help the treatment of injured or disabled civilian and military personnel of Afghanistan that are affected by ongoing conflict.


Contributions to the Foundation can be made either through our online platforms, monthly membership fees, and one time membership fees. 
The Foundation holds its official account in the Afghan United Bank of Afghanistan.

Area of Focus

Healthcare The Daudzai Foundation strives to provide basic healthcare services for the poor segments of Afghanistan.
The Daudzai foundation has prioritized the eradication of polio and the reduction of malaria cases in Afghanistan. To this end, we facilitate polio
vaccinations in remote regions across Afghanistan. We also aim to provide maternity facilities for women across the country.

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